Company Infomaton



For over half a century since 1951, we have been providing precise, quick and high- quality
maritime cargo handling services in four areas across the country,
namely Wakayama, Keihin(Kawasaki), Shimizu, and Sakai.
In 1998, thanks to our long standing success in providing quality services,
our company became the first of its kind in Japan to be certified with ISO9002
an internationally recognized certificate for quality-management system ,
and later the status was upgraded to an up to date version of the original certificate, ISO9001.
With a thirst to further improve our service standard,
our company now employs online communication systems
which allow our staffs to have access to real-time operational information.

ISO9001 JAB CM006

Building a system that ensures safety

Safety Management Scheme
Safety Management Scheme
Health, safety and environmental standards of our company are based on a comprehensive set of Safety Management Scheme devised by EMG Lubricants G.K,
Safety Initiative
Safety Initiative
Our company utilizes a rigidly structured safety scheme which enables us to analyze human behavioral pattern in order to minimize chance of injury, accident and loss.
Ensureing System Implementation
Ensureing System Implementation
We monitor and analyze how the safety measures are implemented in order to improve their effectiveness.
Certified Work Place HO, Wakayama, Kawasaki, Shimizu Chuken.and Senboku Oil Kiko
Area of Operation Ship agency activities for coastal/oceangoing tankers for crude oil, petroleum and chemical products. Marine receiving/shipping operations.Land shipping of petroleum products. Safety and security control for marine operations. Supporting research.
Quality Control Policy Become competitive corporation of better quality and credibility through safe operation and qualified human development.
Service Policy for High Quality Products and Services
  • ・Make best efforts for fulfilling customer needs and expectations.
  • ・Clarify and comply with relevant law and/or regulations.
  • ・Take quick actions to cope with for emergency situation based on pre-described procedure in advance.
  • ・Watch and control adequacy of procedures by experienced and trained employees with disclosed qualifications.
  • ・Achieve objective and target of quality by each employee with individual quality target consulted and set by line managers.
  • ・Act under principle of preciseness of work, quick action, quality of work, flawless operation and environmental conservation.
  • ・Use hazard prediction process on each work activity with adequate reporting and communications.
  • ・Provide training for employees on keeping up changing customer requirements and use in house expertise in preventing marine operation hazard.
  • ・Watch customer reactions on our activities to feed back to a continuous improvement of quality.
  • ・Recognize human resource and its development is the key to achieve high quality of work for the company future prospect.