Company Overview

Tell us about its busineses
Since 1951, Hayashi Kaiun has been providing services in relation with cargo handling of oil products in four areas across the country, namely Wakayama, Kawasaki, Sakai, and Shimotsu.


Do I have to swim well ?
You do not have to be able to swim well, life jacket will be provided. The most important thing is to enjoy working on the sea.
Any female staffs?
It depends on which section you are assigned to. Sections with tasks most befitting to tough men does not have female staff; however, other sections do. Sport clubs such as a volleyball club offers plenty of oppotunities to meet staffs with opposite sex.

Worker's life

I have no experience in the industry
No need to worry. Most of us began without experience. We have classes to learn about oil import/export industry, on the job training curriculum, and considerate co-workers.
Is there mandtory relocation or transfer to different section or districts?
Any backup for becoming licenced profesional?
Yes there are; for instance, customs agent, person with special permission to handle dangerous materials, ship's crew, our company financially supports our staffs to become proud professionals.
Is there night shift jobs?
Our company offers 24 hour services, depends on section, so there are night, early, late shifts and weekend calls sometimes.

Comapny Welfare Facilities

Are there dormitories or accomodations provided by the company ?
Yes there are.
Any health benefits?
Free influenza vaccine is available to our staff.
Any events?
There is a trip organized by our staff once in two years. There are also many other events without the boundaries of sections such as speech competition, marathon, parties, and etc.
Any after hour clubs?
Many sports clubs are available to our staffs.