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Personal Information Protection

Hayashi Kaiun Co., Ltd, hereafter “our company,” strives to ensure the safety and correct handling of personal information we hold, as a part of social responsibility under which we put ourselves.

Personal Information Protection Policy

  • 1.Legality
    Our company complies with Personal Information Protection Act and any relevant laws or regulations in strict sense when handling personal information.
  • 2.Acquisition of information
    Our company requests only a minimum disclosure of personal information deemed truly necessary for the purpose of conducting business.
  • 3.Use of Personal Information
    Personal information we collect may be, with a duty of care, handled, used, and disclosed to a third party, within the extent which shall not infringe the right to privacy of person.
  • 4.Safety Measure
    In order to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information, our company implements security measures to protect the information from being compromised, accessed by unauthorized personnel, leaked, destroyed or lost.
  • 5.Disclosure to a Third Party
    Our company may discloses personal information to a third party only where, excluding where it is implied by, expressed in, ordered or allowed by law or regulation, an approval is made by a person subject to such disclosure.
  • 6.Amendment and Removal
    Our company will, within the realm of customary business practice or the norm that is commonly held, make amendment to, remove, or disclose, personal information of a person who wishes to make such request.
  • 7.Improvement
    Our company continues to further educate our staffs for better understanding in the importance of handling personal information with due and appropriate care under company’s set rule.

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